Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The $600 Billion Challenge

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have teamed up to challenge the 400 wealthiest Americans to donate at least half of their wealth to charity either throughout their lifetime or at death. This challenge is known as The Giving Pledge. If all 400 participate, $600 billion would be donated to charity as a result. The Fortune/CNN story is here.

This is cool. Very, very cool.

Think about it: 400 people with the ability to give (at least) $600 billion to people in need. Imagine what the next 400,000 wealthiest Americans could do, or the next 4 million. We have the capacity to change the world significantly for the better. If our will to create change begins to match our capacity to do so, we can improve the world in incredible ways. I find it wonderfully refreshing to see Buffet and Gates not only willing to give, but willing to lead the crusade. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

And so on...

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